The Only Colors You Need to Consider For Your Handbag (and Black Isn’t One of Them)

By Aliah Tejada  |   Published On November 10, 2021

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Choosing a handbag perfect for your daily needs is already a chore. Add to that choosing the perfect color can quickly escalate things to schizophrenic territory. Most people would choose the classic colors like black, grey, khaki, camel, and other shades of brown. However, if you’re a person who particularly likes colors, prints, and patterns, choosing neutrals can be quite boring. Also, since neutrals are the colors most brands produce their bags in, you can quickly blend in with the crowd. However, choosing colors can also be quite risky as it might not fit in your wardrobe and can be hard to match with the clothes you already have. So how do you fix this predicament? Easy! With this fail-safe colors, you can be assured that you’ll stand out from the crowd and match every hue you have in your closet. Thank us later.
Navy is neither bright nor gloomy. It just hits the sweet spot. A very classic color it can brighten up an outfit at the same time, polish it. It is pretty useful on days that you need just need a jolt of color, but not too much. Navy is produced in every luxury designer bag lines the same rate as black so you can be relieved that any style or brand you choose, there is always a navy hue available. Plus if you’re a person who just loves anything denim, then a bag of this shade is a match made in heaven. This also compliments well with a crisp white shirt or with a classic Burberry trench coat.

If you’re someone who really wants to command attention without coming across as tacky or tasteless, then Burgundy is the shade for you! Closely related to Red sans the eyesore, this refined shade is very sophisticated yet subdued. It can be very tricky to discern though, as the hue changes depending on how a person sees it. To some, it can come across as red-brown to plum, to maroon. Remember, burgundy closes resembles the shade of wine and if you are still having difficulty identifying the shade, just check Pantone’s Color of The Year 2015, Marsala.

Olive Drab
Or as most people would like to call it “Army Green”, Olive Drab is the name of the color you see in military uniforms and those camouflage patterns you see. Much like the military trend, Olive Drab is a classic color that will never go out in style and amazingly goes well with every shade in the color wheel. If you want to inject a bit of masculinity and seriousness into your outfit without sticking to black, then olive drab is your hue of choice. Just make sure that if you’re wearing this color, you keep all military- influenced clothing at bay to avoid looking like you’re someone from the army.

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OK Preservatives In Our Skincare, Natural or Not

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By Melanie Hemsworth  |   Published October 2, 2021

There’s been a lot of talk on Social Media about the safety of preservatives these days and that’s a good thing! There is unfortunately a lot of misinformation as well. Let’s set the record straight!

Any product that is made with water requires a preservative. It’s to prevent bacteria, mold, fungus or other critters from growing in the product. Preservatives are needed to prevent contamination. Let’s talk about the preservative, Phenoxyethanol, specifically.

It rates a four on the Cosmetic safety database (0-10 scale, and four is measured at its most concentrated and isolated level, which means it’s not measured in a product). Pretty good, considered most other preservatives are measured at around seven or higher.

So let’s put it in perspective. Penoxyethanol is approved at 1% in products (Canada, Japan, and The European Union). When you consider toxicity is relative to dosage, 1% makes this is a very low risk. (Look at your label, and your preservative should be the last item on the list. Ingredients are listed in order of percentage, from the highest to the lowest. So the last ingredient on the list basically means it is the one at the lowest amount in your product).

It is also important to know how to decipher the information you read about. It’s sometimes easy to panic when you see a list of warnings, restrictions, numbers on scales, and jump to conclusions.

Penoxyethanol is a safe preservative that is approved for use at a very low dosage percentage (1%). Think of it in a 240ml/8oz bottle of lotion, for instance. At 1%, it is not a lot of preservative in your product.

Certain chemicals on their own can be concerning, but when combined are harmless. Let’s use the example of Lye. Horrible stuff on its own but mix it with water and oil and it creates soap. Add Olive Oil and you now have a soap gentle enough for children!

And.. be aware of those who might suggest that “if you can’t pronounce it, it shouldn’t be in your skincare. After all, Penoxyethanol is certainly not an easy word of the toung; but as we have disussed, you are better off to have this in your “Natural” or “Clean” skincare, than to put up with the many other chemicals available and so often utilized.

Finally, read your labels, ask questions and remember… Just because there’s a recipe on the internet for a great body scrub, it doesn’t make everyone a chemist.

Melanie Hemsworth has spent the past 20 years researching and investigating skincare ingredients, applications and regime in order to better understand what truly works and does not work on skin. Her website is the culmination of this study, offering a full line of clean, healthier, Non-Sensitizing skincare products and advice.

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Some of the Most Important Skin Care Products You Must Carry in Your Vanity Bag Always

By Aishwarya Surve  |   September 2021

You must be taking care of hair appropriately but how much do you care for your skin? Day in and out your skin is exposed to a number of elements that can cause numerous issues like dullness, spots, pigmentation and so on! Investing in good quality Skin Care Products Online is the need of the time.
It is important to take care of your skin especially using Organic Skin Care products. Let’s us have a look at the products that your vanity bag must carry to get you through the skincare ritual.

1. Cleansing lotion:
One of the most vital product is cleansing lotion. A good cleansing lotion helps in taking off the makeup and daily dirt from your face. Residuals of makeup or dirt overnight can cause breakout on your skin. Hence, it is important not to forget cleansing before you sleep.

2. Toning Mist:
You cannot miss out on this miraculous product if you have an oily or acne prone skin. Toning mist helps in cleansing the skin more neatly. It contributes in shrinking the pores & balances the pH level of the skin.

3. Moisturizer:
Your skin care routine is absolutely incomplete if you are not moisturizing your skin. In order to rehydrate your skin, make it a point to moisturize your face and body regularly. When you decide to buy natural skin care products, do not forget moisturizer.

4. Lip Balm:
The skin of your lips is delicate than your face skin hence skipping the lip balm is just not advisable. Using organic lip balm helps in smoothening your lips and keeping them hydrated throughout the day.

5. Face wash:
We cannot stress enough how important it is to use a face wash regularly. The cleansing agents present in the product helps in brightening the face & get away with the dirt and pollution traces on the face there for it is important to invest in a good face wash.

In order to feel soft in your own skin and look glowing, your skin needs a regime to be followed too. Using natural skin care products help in vitalizing your skin and restore the lost glow. So, whether it is winter, summer or monsoon skipping the skin care process is a strict no-no.
Resource box: If you are looking for a set of skin care products that are free from chemicals and do wonders to your skin, then Soul Tree has everything for you.

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Here Is A Beauty Business Anyone Can Start

By Donald G Gaw  |   September 2021

There is a highly profitable niche business that up until a short while ago was almost impossible to get into; even though literally millions of people love this business, use its products daily and most; can’t seem to live without what it offers.

What is this business that does billions of dollars annually, is practically recession proof and whose products are offered all over the Globe?

It is the Beauty Supply Business.

More specifically, it is the ability to offer Wholesale Beauty Supply Products to your Clients while working from your home or from anywhere in the World you would like.

My initial reaction when I was first introduced to this niche was: “this certainly isn’t your ordinary, run of the mill, business.”

Nope… this is unique, not only in the products offered but in how simple it is to get into.

First, you can get access to over 300 Brands and over 12,000 products. Everything necessary for all your Beauty needs and at Wholesale pricing.

Secondly, you can join for free and no credit card is needed.

In today’s economy with so many needing a second or even third source of income this is a great way to get started. When you join for free, it is a 60 Day Trial, and you can earn 15% Commission on everything you sell paid out monthly. You will be able to sell from over 300 of the most popular products at this level.

Naturally, there is an upgrade, but it is, remarkably only $14.99 per month. At this level you make referral bonuses on your clients that upgrade. Plus, you begin to earn 30% Commission on over 500 Beauty Products like Hair Care, Braids & Locs, Styling Products, Styling Tools, Lashes, Hair Extensions, etc… all at Wholesale.

Everyone we know wants to look their best and now they can get the products they love at money-saving prices and, if they want their own business it couldn’t be easier for them to start.

You get your own website and you do not have to stock any products. Your customer buys from you, the company ships the products for you, and you get paid. Simple.

If you are tired of the typical pills, potions and lotions business and want a unique, affordable business to start then I highly recommend this. You can learn more about it at:

This is a turn-key business that you can start and take as far as and as big as you want it to grow. We recommend this one without reservation.

By the way, for those that want to earn even more; there is one other level that gives you access to 4000 products and pays out 50% Commission bi-weekly! You can learn all about it when you join for free.

Donald Gaw is a Sales Trainer, Motivational Speaker and Writer. Before moving to Louisville, KY/So. Indiana area, he lived in Las Vegas, NV for 20 years where, he had the privilege of selling Rolls Royce Automobiles. He likes to travel but, spend most of his time in the USA. As a Veteran of online marketing he can help you grow a business that you can be proud of. Get in touch anytime at: Ask him about his Sign-on Bonus feature. Or visit:

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