Winter Comfort Foods

Comfort Food for Winter Days

By Stana Peete  |   Published On November 10, 2021

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When winter arrives we want to snuggle under the covers and watch movies all day long. With that we want to enjoy delicious warm foods that make us feel comfortable and cozy. Everyone has their favourite winter dish and here are few of the popular ones.

Soup is a wonderful comfort food for colder days. It heats you up instantly and gives you a warm feeling throughout your body. If you enjoy this dish, then you will love the Soup Kettle because it is a great way to keep a pot of soup heated throughout the day and ready to serve.

Pasta dishes are the perfect comfort food. There are varieties of pasta dishes to choose from and each one can be enjoyed on a cold winter day. Lasagne with the layers of pasta sheets and minced meat along with other tasty ingredients is delicious and flavourful. Spaghetti Bolognaise served immediately after it has been cooked is a great comfort food. If you enjoy cooking pasta and or have a restaurant where you serve pasta dishes then the Anvil Pasta Cooker will be your best friend. It has four individual baskets for cooking individual portions quickly.

Pies are convenient foods that can be enjoyed on the run. If you want a quick warm filler during a busy yet cold day, a delicious steak pie or chicken pie will do the trick. Cafes will benefit greatly with the Anvil Pie Warmer. On cold days, it will keep the pies at the perfect heat ready to be served. Your customers will thank you for this.

A simple yet enjoyable food is the classic cheese toasty. The toasted cheese sandwich is one that is quick to make and the stringy melted cheese makes it fun to eat. The Anvil Toasters brown each slice of toast perfectly in preparation for your classic cheese toasty.

Hot drinks are also thoroughly enjoyed on colder days. Although it’s not a dish it is usually enjoyed after a meal. Hot chocolate, coffee and tea warm every part of your body in a superbly tasty way. Coffee Machines are certainly a must have in every home and restaurant.

Let’s not forget about dessert for those colder days. Waffles are a delectable treat that can be enjoyed with bananas, maple syrup, chocolate syrup and fresh cream. The Anvil Waffle Bakers give you consistently baked waffles every time.

Comfort food is something that we all enjoy on those colder winter days. It’s good to know that there is catering equipment that gives us these wonderful treats to enjoy.

CaterWeb stocks a full range of commercial kitchen products and we even offer free demonstrations as well as hands on training if necessary. Visit our website to access our online store or alternatively we welcome you to visit our new showroom.

Please call us at 0861 CATERWEB or e-mail your inquiry to so we may assist with your catering equipment requirements!

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