Loving Yourself Checklist

Even if loving yourself isn’t frequently on your mind, you’ll benefit enormously from recognizing the impact that accepting and caring for yourself can have on your everyday life and relationships.

Practice self-love every single day. If you do, you’ll prosper and come closer to achieving the life you truly deserve. To cultivate self-love, start with this checklist and see how you can expand it to suit your own life.

  1. Your Physical Self: Looking After Your Body
  2. Take more time with your appearance.
  3. Make a change today.
  4. Put energy into yourself.
  5. Notice your physical “positives.”
  6. Sleep more.
  7. Brighten up.
  8. Ask yourself what your body requires.
  9. Consistently focus on your physical self.
  10. Acknowledge all that your body does for you.
  11. Show commitment to loving yourself.
  12. Your Intellectual Self: Feeding Your Mind
  13. Do something you’ve longed to do.
  14. Write down your life priorities.
  15. Foster your passions and dreams.
  16. Ensure you’ve got a real life with real people.
  17. Stop doing something just because “it’s always been this way.”
  18. Take a personal inventory of your life.
  19. Consider the bigger picture.
  20. Tell yourself you deserve it.
  21. Find your inner power.
  22. Your Emotional Self: Understanding and Respecting Your Feelings
  23. Accept yourself as you are.
  24. Journal.
  25. Claim responsibility for your own life.
  26. Avoid negativity toward yourself.
  27. Forgive others.
  28. Send out positive vibes to other people.
  29. Say you’re sorry if you are.
  30. Let go of any negative feelings you may carry toward others.
  31. Cultivate self-respect.
  32. Your Spiritual Self: Caring for Your Soul
  33. Make each morning a good morning.
  34. Indulge.
  35. Change your personal space.
  36. Turn on the tunes.
  37. Turn off the gadgets.
  38. Allow yourself to feel love from others.
  39. Worship.
  40. Immerse in nature.
  41. Be adventurous.
  42. Recognize that time is of the essence.


When you devote even a little time and energy to accepting and loving yourself, your life will be enriched. Connections with others will be stronger. And you’ll be more apt to achieve your dreams.

Love yourself in some way each day to keep your passion flowing and accomplish your greatest desires!

To your best life.

Ms. B

Published by Brenda Joy/Publisher

You've heard of Psychic Medium? Well, I'm a Social Medium. I care about the future of Black Culture.

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