Being My Best Self

I am inspired to be my best self.

I am finding inspiration all around me. I love to immerse myself in Nature. Just seeing the changes in the leaves helps me wake up to new beginnings.

I am blessed with many wonderful friends who inspire me with their lives. I enjoy hearing their stories of how they have overcome obstacles and made lemons into lemonade.

I feel gratitude for being able to read books. I am blessed with many inspirational books to read. I am happy I have eyes to see.

I feel fortunate that I have access to the internet. I choose to tap into positive podcasts. I follow uplifting teachers. I am blessed to have ears to hear the deeper messages.

I am grateful that I am prosperous enough to feed my body nutritious foods. I am proud of myself that I take the time to exercise. I am happy that I have fresh, clean water to drink.

I am blessed with plenty of clothing. I am fortunate to own a home. I am proud of how I have managed my finances and become debt-free.

I am lucky to live in this world at this time. I am honored to be here now. Everywhere I look I see things to be grateful for. I am deeply inspired to take this opportunity to be my best self.

I feel blessed that I can appreciate good music. I have been fortunate to get a good education and have been able to pursue my talents. Music is a great inspiration in my life.

Today, I feel inspired to greatness!

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is the fastest way for me to become inspired?
  2. How can I live my best life ever?
  3. How can I expand my capacity to be my best self ever?

Ms. B


Published by Brenda Joy/Publisher

You've heard of Psychic Medium? Well, I'm a Social Medium. I care about the future of Black Culture.

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