Sunshine and Light Affirmation

Sunshine and light lift my spirits.

I have a responsibility to myself to enjoy life each day. Regardless of the trials and tribulations that may occur today, I know I can still enjoy the special moments. Above all, I realize that my positive spirit ultimately prevails.

In my most challenging moments, I seek respite in the light of day.

I love when the sunshine appears, casting golden reflections wherever I look. I feel better when the sun is out.

Even in winter, I look for the sun as I am on my way to work. On a cloudy day, I find light wherever I can.

I notice my mood lifting when there is light. I walk into my workplace with all the bright fluorescent lights overhead and feel at peace. At home, I find a light-filled room and immediately feel sunnier.

I strive to be aware of the brightness of my immediate environment. I know that being surrounded by sunshine or light contributes to my positive outlook.

Today, I notice the light in my environment. I know I can stabilize my mood using sunlight or even a brightly-lit room. Sunshine and light always lift my spirits.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What can I do to become more aware of the light in my surroundings?
  2. How do I feel when I am outdoors and the sun is out?
  3. What steps will I take to ensure I have as much light as possible around me?

Light and Love,

Ms. B

Published by Brenda Joy/Publisher

You've heard of Psychic Medium? Well, I'm a Social Medium. I care about the future of Black Culture.

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