Feeling Beautiful

The idea that I am uniquely created is enough for me to feel beautiful. I wholeheartedly embrace every aspect of my physical appearance. I love the fact that I am the only person who looks like me.

I feel special because I have beautiful features.

I know what it feels like to lack self-confidence. There are times when I feel my eyes are less fiery or my skin is less radiant than other days. On those days, I take the time to remind myself I am uniquely designed.

I challenge myself to determine which external factors cause me to feel unattractive.

When I listen to my inner voice, it tells me I am the most beautiful being on Earth. I endeavor to focus on that voice so my self-confidence remains high.

I try to actively banish negative thoughts as they arise out of the words and actions of others. I do not let them bring me down.

My outer beauty comes from the inner beauty I release from within. Virtues like kindness, compassion, and honesty shape me into the person others see.

I do unto others as I want them to do to me.

I want to continue to feel beautiful. With that in mind, I make it a priority to reveal my positive, beautiful attributes.

Today, I commit to using my inner voice to keep my outlook positive. I pledge to keep my confidence high, so I can enjoy every single moment of life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. When do I feel the most beautiful?
  2. What steps can I take to ensure my confidence in my natural beauty?
  3. Do I spend enough time encouraging young people to love themselves as they are?

To a beautiful life,

Ms. B

Published by Ms. Brenda

Publisher of information that incorporates Beauty, Lifestyles and Well-being

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